Hardware and DIY

The Hardware and DIY Departments in our shop

Our hardware is of good quality and numerous in type and choice. A large selection of pre-packed items containing all manner of hardware sundries from picture hooks to nuts and bolts, door catches to cup hooks, casters to hinges, masonry nails to door stops. As we are aware that sometimes you need just one or two brass screws or a penny washer or two, we also supply many things such as nuts and bolts, coach screws and washers etc. wood screws in brass, stainless steel and Black Japan, brackets and hinges, wall plugs and vine eyes, cord, rope and chain in quantities of your choice.We do a range of door furniture in brass, black, and brushed steel, gate latches and hinges etc carpet grippers and draught excluder and many more products to fit your hardware and ironmongery requirements.

We also stock hair dryers, shavers and electric blankets etc in our electrical area, bedside and standard lamps, vacuum cleaners and telephones, microwaves, irons and many other small electrical goods. During different times of the year our seasonal items such as coal fire effect heaters, convector heaters, blow heaters and oil filled heaters as well as desk and pedestal fans are available in store.



















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